Saturday November 16, 2019 – Team Must Check-in by 5:30 PM

Bags Fly Promptly at 6PM

Tyngsboro Sports Center – 500 Potash Hill Rd.


The Teams         

  • Teams are made up of six players – after teams check in, there will be no substitution of players from the original registered team of 6 after the tournament has begun. Matches will be played as always, with 2 partners playing 2 opposing partners.
  • Teams may use any combination of 2 players from their team for each match – you may keep the same partners throughout the event or you can mix it up from match to match.
  • When 2 players are assigned a match for a specific team, it must be 2 players from the original roster submitted at check in. Players cannot be interchanged between teams of 6.

Registration and Prizes

  • $300 Per Team of Six to Register – Completed Registration Form and registration fee must be received by November 1st. Capped at 28 Teams – First Come, First Serve.  
  • Prize pool based on 28 Teams participating

 1st Place – $3,300

2nd Place -$1,500

3rd Place – $1,000

4th Place – $600

5th Place – $300

Turf War III - 11/16/19

  • Turf War Invitational Registration Form

    Submit completed registration and payment to Wicked Cornhole by November 1st, 2019 to be entered. Payments made by credit card will incur a processing fee.
  • Team Members

    Enter the full name of your team members below. Team members must have a reasonable affiliation with the league or club in which it is representing. They have played in your league or with your club frequently and they are geographically located in close proximity to your league or primary location. Wicked Cornhole reserves the right to decline an applicant who does not meet these requirements.
  • Team Capitan Info

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Nov 16 2019

Wicked Thankful For Our Corporate Sponsors

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